SOSEN, What a wonderful 2022!

Published in : 2023-01-08

How time flies,

and the year 2022 has come to an end.

For Shenzhen SOSEN Electronics Co., Ltd., 

the past year

has been fairly challenging

and extremely rewarding.

Now, let’s review

the following SOSEN 2022 journey.


Empower future agriculture via collaboration with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

To establish thorough industry-academia-research cooperation, SOSEN announced a strategic alliance with the Institute of Urban Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, on May 26, 2022. Following a collaborative R&D process, the excessive power consumption of “the plant factory micro-grid system project” can be solved by integrating lighting and storage systems. In the near future, both parties are to introduce advantageous resources to each other, to transform the project's economic benefits, and to promote the application of LED drive power supply and related technologies for the future agriculture.


First issued convertible bond benefits investors

The issuance of SOSEN's convertible bonds was on September 27, 2022. On October 24, 2022, the bonds (SZ.123159) were listed. The raised capital was used for the construction project of the headquarter of the Industry R&D Innovation Center.


Zhongshan Capital Project put into operation

The upgrade of more than 70,000 square meters of production space for advanced manufacturing was implemented as part of the High-Power LED Smart Drive Power Production Base and Smart Power R&D Center Project, also known as the Zhongshan Capital Project, which was completed and officially launched in November 2022.


Feasible solution lies in ongoing innovative products

In 2022, SOSEN announced products, including the CNL-E Series, the VP-*BHB Series, the VH-E Series, the NH-E Series, the L-N Series, the VA Series, the CNL-G Series, the M Series (680/880W), the VP-H Series, the CNL-E Series DALI-2 power supply, and the NH-E Series DALI-2 power supply. The applicable fields cover plant lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, business lighting, industrial power supply, and landscape lighting.


Proprietary technologies solidly support SOSEN’s global development

Since its establishment, SOSEN has dedicated itself to advancing technological innovation, core competencies, and constructing an independent system of intellectual property rights.

As of the end of June 2022, the parent company and the subsidiary held 182 domestic patents and 2 international patents altogether. 28 of the domestic patents are for inventions, 149 are for utilities, and 5 are for designs. Over 250 SOSEN products have received certification from the CCC, UL, ENEC, TUV, SAA, KC, and BIS in accordance with international safety standards.



The year 2023 has come.

The vision of SOSEN is to “be an outstanding drive power brand”

by fulfilling client expectations,

ensuring employee benefits

as well as creating value for the society.

Only perseverance

can achieve excellence.

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