• SOSEN shares adheres to the principle of "innovation of drive development", technological innovation and continuous improvement. SOSEN has established Shenzhen enterprise technology center and Guangdong engineering technology research center to strive to create innovative advantages. SOSEN has established leading technology R & D laboratories in China, including UL officially certified witness laboratory, EMC laboratory, high and low temperature test, salt spray test, rain waterproof test, vibration test, drop test, surge protect test, protection level test, anechoic chamber and other reliability verification laboratories, and is equipped with comprehensive automatic reliability test equipment, conduction disturbance and radiation test system High precision electro thermal constant temperature test chamber, cold and hot shock test chamber, automatic power test system, LED power test system, lightning surge generator, constant temperature and humidity test chamber and other international leading R & D test equipment provide sufficient guarantee for the company's technological innovation.


  • SOSEN has its own core product technology system, strong R & D team and complete product line to provide customers with comprehensive LED Driver solutions. Till June 30, 2021, Shenzhen SOSEN Electronic Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries have effectively authorized 139 patents, including 22 invention patents, 112 utility model patents, 5 design patents, 8 soft works and 15 registered trademarks, including 8 internal and 7 abroad.


  • The company's solid product R & D capability enables the company to adapt to the rapid iterative update of medium and high-power LED lighting products and their supporting driving power supply technology. It is required that the products are highly suitable for specific applications, customized product demand, multi batch and multi model industry technical characteristics, so that to ensure that the company can quickly respond to the market, commercialize the market demand and launch new products continuously, lay a foundation for the continuous growth of the company's business.

R & D Advantages

  • Mechanical Reliability Laboratory
  • Environmental Reliability Laboratory
  • EMC Laboratory

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